Yeeun Archer Lee and Frances Chen presented at SPSP 2024

Dr. Yeeun Archer Lee and Dr. Frances Chen co-chaired a symposium on addressing social disconnection at SPSP 2024 in San Diego, California!

The speakers at the symposium presented research on the negative health impacts of social disconnection and addressed evidence-based interventions to mitigate loneliness and social isolation.

Yeeun Archer Lee presented “A Prosociality-Focused Intervention to Reduce Daily Loneliness and Increase Social Contact.”

Other presentations included:

  • “Altering Social Connections to Improve Health? A Systematic Map” (Alison Farrell, Miami University)
  • “Not an Easy Fix: Loneliness Mechanisms and the Challenges Posed” (Kiffer Card, Simon Fraser University)
  • “Social Prescribing as a Practice-Based Approach to Connecting Individuals to Community Services” (Anita Kothari, Western University)