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Congratulations to SHL Alumni accepted into graduate school in 2022!

Congratulations to Megan Poulter for her acceptance into the Clinical Psychology graduate program at the University of Regina, and to Justin Ryan for his acceptance into the Clinical and Health Psychology graduate program at Leiden University! Wishing each of you all the best in your future academic pursuits!

Winter 2021-2022 Graduation

Winter 2021-2022 Graduation

Congratulations to all the Winter 2021-2022 Bachelor’s graduates in the SHL, including Bilal Aziz, William Dalgleish, Nina Edwards, Rachel Hamilton, Elizabeth Krampitz, Naomi Moon, Megan Poulter, Erica Qiu, Justin Ryan, and Alex Schramm! Thanks so much for all your invaluable contributions to the lab and all the best for your future endeavours!

Julia Nakamura was awarded a Mather Institute Innovative Research on Aging Silver Award

Julia Nakamura received the award for her paper, “Are all domains of life satisfaction equal? Differential associations with health and well-being in older adults.” Congratulations, Julia! To read her paper, please see

Julia Nakamura was awarded a Killam Doctoral Scholarship and a UBC Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship

Congratulations Julia! For more information, please see and

SHL at PURC 2022!

Christine (Yeon Soo) Seo, Megan Poulter, William Dalgleish, Gagan Hothi, and Jacqueline Nguyen represented the lab at UBC’s Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC)!

Gagan Hothi was awarded a PURC poster award!

She received the award for her project, “Use of hormonal contraceptives during adolescence and risk for depression in the long term.” Congratulations, Gagan!

Kelly Yu presented her work at the 14th annual SPSP Health Preconference!

Her presentation was entitled “Antecedents and Consequences of Illness Centrality among Adults with Diabetes.”